Saudi Arabian Army also dances and flock… "Amazing" BTS World Tour

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30,000 spectators at the first stadium performance by foreign singers… Members "See you again"

Bulletproof Boy Scouts performed at the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh King Fahd International Stadium, on November 11.

Just two years ago, in Saudi Arabia, it was forbidden to dance in public places such as public places.

But in front of BTS, neither strict religious law nor conservative customs gained.

On November 11 at 7:30 pm (local time) at LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF at the BTS World Tour held at the Kingford International Stadium in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. BTS is the first overseas singer to appear on the stadium.

The happiness of Saudi Army (fan club), who filled the seats early, was delivered on the spot.

Most of the female fans wore Abaya and wore Nikap, Hijab, and Chador on their faces, but when the music video of 'The Dreaming Star' appeared on the screen, they waved Amibam (BTS).

"I'm good, talker is good, Bung-duk-kung." (Of 'idol')

Timing and pronunciation was also accurate. There was also a cheering slogan calling on the members' names in sequence and singing "BTS". There was no heat and temperature difference between Korea and the US and Europe.

In Saudi Arabia, where women were not allowed to enter the soccer stadium just two years ago, the view of a male and female audience in one space gave a glimpse of the recent change in Saudi Arabia, which is accelerating openness and reform.

It was also surprising to many locals that large performances filled with performances were held in areas where dance and music were taboo, and women shouted loudly.

Radwan Atawil, 53, a Jordanian man who has lived in Saudi Arabia since he was 19, said, "It's an amazing view," he said. "I think teenagers are happier and more open minded. It's amazing." .

◇ 30,000 audiences purple wave… Sing Jimin's Happy Birthday in Arabic

The performance began as the giant leopard model slowly raised on the illuminated stage.

From the first song 'Dionysus', the floor audiences stood up in unison to express the excitement of seeing BTS in front of them. Amibam, which was held by 30,000 spectators, waved in various colors such as their symbolic purple color.

The audience cheered without missing Jin's kiss, V's smile or Jimin's gesture. He also turned on cell phone lights at the same time or attempted to surf the members' proposals.

The members also approached intimately with short Arabic, including "Nine Bcumcum Ami" (I love you Ami), "Al Abdhar" (Best), and "Schran" (Thank you).

RM knew, “We knew that the love you give us is far away. Today is a festival for the children who have been waiting for BTS for a long time.”

In the weather exceeding 30 degrees, the members sweated like rain in two songs. Nevertheless, she transformed into a perfect body, solo, and unit stage, and even went through a long, protruding stage, showing consistently light footwork.

The biggest shouts broke out in the hit parade, which included poems for small things, fire, idols and fake love. The audience shook amibam fervently. Male audiences wearing white Tobes (Arabic traditional costumes) also took a rhythm, taking a 'certified shot' with a curious look.

The beauty of the director also increased concentration. Jungkook flew into the air on a lift on the stage of Euphoria. In some scenes, water cannons burst and firecrackers embroider the sky.

After the Angkor stage, an Arabic congratulatory chorus was sung for Jimin, whose 13th birthday was her birthday.

"Sana Hel and Ya Jamil, Sana Hel and Ya Jamil." (Happy Birthday in Arabic, Happy Birthday)

The members, who gave 24 songs in 2 hours 40 minutes, thanked Ami for their joy in Saudi Arabia and for filling the large concert hall.

"It was my first time in Saudi Arabia, and I was surprised to enjoy it so much. Can I come again? Can I really come again?" (Sugar), "I want to come here again next time… We see you again" (V)

◇ "BTS meets dreams come true"… Pray for the time at the concert

The heat was detected from the outside of the venue. Abaya women wore a long procession from the entrance of the stadium and couldn't hide their faces.

Fans expressed their affection by the purple abaya symbolizing BTS, or "I love Jungkook's brother." Many of them also smiled or greet each other with "Hello" every time they met the Korean media and suggested taking a photo.

Surk (18) and Alia (23), who live in Riyadh, said, "I was looking forward to meeting BTS and I can't believe what's in front of me. My dream came true." "I want to fulfill my dream of becoming the best engineer through BTS."

When they sang their favorite BTS songs, three or five fans gathered and sang together.

Ama (26) and Shahad (18) said, "It's also good to know that the world's biggest boy group is in Saudi Arabia. It's also good to know Saudi culture." I know what's going on. "

The unique landscape of the Islamic culture caught the eye.

When it was time for Sala to pray to Mecca five times a day (3: 1, 5:31, 7: 1 in the afternoon), some men and women prayed as they bowed on the carpet. Saudi, a fundamentalist Islamic state, strictly observes worship times.

At the end of the performance, each of the men in Tove picked up their children and caught their eye.

The venue was attended by major Arab media including Al Riyadh, Al Jazeera, Okaz and Al Arabia.


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