Police to crack down on 'Internet illegal ticket sales' ... BTS tickets are selling for $ 5600

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Police are cracking down on 'Ticket Reseller', which is called 'Internet Cancer'.

The National Police Agency said on August 12 that it plans to use the macro program to cope with the so-called Internet cancer epidemic after buying massive amounts of movies and concert tickets.

Macro is a program that allows a computer to do repetitive tasks that a person has to do to improve work efficiency. Macros have been exploited for competing online ticket reserves because they can be launched automatically with a single click.

Police have decided to actively crack down on the Internet tickets that have inflated the ticket price after they bought a concert ticket and swallowed it.

The Minor Offense punishment law stipulates that a penalty of 200,000 won or less should be fined if it is detected to be sold at a stadium, a station, or a stop. However, under the current law, there is no penalty clause for the transaction that is traded online.

Police said they will actively review the jurisprudence based on recent judgments, etc.,

The focus is on purchasing tickets in large quantities using macros, and disrupting ticket sales site servers.

According to the police, if you purchase a large number of tickets using Macro, you can apply for interfering with business because it interferes with the fairness and fairness of ticket sales.

In addition, if a server failure occurs after accessing a ticket sale site through a macro, it is possible to apply the crime of preventing computer trouble. If penalized business interruption or disruption of computer disability is recognized, you will be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison or fined up to $ 1,500.

If you steal personal information and create a large number of IDs or illegally access ticket sites, you can be penalized for violating the Information and Communications Network Act.

Police responded because online ticket mark resellers are on their way. Recently, there have been frequent cases where online idols are getting bigger and the tickets are being resold until the movie "Avengers: End Game" as well as the performances of popular idol groups including BTS. The next month's BTS fan meeting was also a hot topic, with a list price of $ 90 for a concert ticket, but $ 5,600 for a used-trade site.


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