BTS World Game 'BTS World' June 26 Global Release

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Netmarb announced on June 5th that it will release 'BTS World', a storytelling-type mobile game 'BTS World', which is a global idol group 'BTS'.

'BTS World' is a game where a user becomes a manager and grows a bulletproof boy band into a global artist. From his debut to becoming a global star, he described the process of bullying boys growing up as an artist.

'BTS World' collects and upgrades cards with photos of each member and uses them to complete the missions given on the story. As the story unfolds, users will experience new and diverse proprietary content, including images, photos, interactive game elements, and more. Over 10,000 images and more than 100 images will be released exclusively.

Netmarble, which recorded sluggish performance in 1Q11, is very excited about BTS World. BTS World, which was released in February 2018, was scheduled to be launched last year, but was postponed to the second quarter of this year. In order to raise the level of the game as a global idol BTS.

Kwon Young-sik, CEO of Netmarble, said, "In the first quarter of this year, earnings were sluggish due to the absence of new products." In the second quarter, "King of Fighters All Star" launched on the 9th, "BTS World" Dae-sin 'and other new genres are expected to be released in the domestic market as well as big markets such as North America and Japan.

Netmarble announced the release date of 'BTS World' and released a 'mini game' where users can experience the game in advance. 'Mini Game' is provided as a web game through the pre-registration official site (

Netmarble and Big Hit Entertainment will release the exclusive game OST, which was broadcasted directly by the Bulletproof Boys, before the official launch of 'BTS World', in sequence starting from the unit songs in which 'Jin', 'Ji Min', and '


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